Foam Hot Wire Cutting

Hot Wire Foam Cutting

Hot Wire Cutting Foam. Foam Products Corporation uses a hot wire cutter to customize the shape of polystyrene and other foam materials. How wire cutting allows the engineers and manufacturers at Foam Products Corporation to cut easily and efficiently through foam. We use a state of the art hot wire cutter to custom manufacture any shape or design you need for your foam packaging, insulation, or other custom foam product.

Benefits of Hot Wire Cutting

To create custom shapes and designs from foam materials, our hot wire foam cutter uses a thin metal wire that is heated to a high temperature. This wire is then passed through the foam materials, vaporizing the material in front of it as it goes to create a clean, finished edge. There are many benefits to using hot wire cutting in your foam product fabrication, including reduced waste in production. Foam Products Corporation has the ability to manufacture your foam products using hot wire cutting techniques to perfectly match your specifications.

Die Cutting

Die Cutting

Die cutting involves cutting and shaping materials using tooling and high tonnage presses.
Hot Wire Cutting

Hot Wire Cutting

Hot wire cutting uses a thin metal wire heated to high temperatures to easily cut through foam.

CNC Profiling

Foam Products Corporation can utilize our profiler to repeatedly cut complex shapes through foam.


We offer a large range of lamination capabilities to create a composite foam product.
CNC Routing

CNC Routing

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) routing uses a computer to guide drill bits for cutting foam.


Composite products or packaging are created using two materials to create one superior material.


A step beyond engineering and design, FPC has the capabilities to manufacture prototypes for product testing.
Product Testing

Product Testing

We proudly offer drop and vibration testing as requested for the foam products we produce.

JIT Delivery

Foam Products Corporation can provide clients with just-in-time manufacturing of their custom foam products.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We follow specific procedures, documentation, and manufacturing processes to ensure product quality.

High Quality Foam Products and Services

With over 50 years of experience, Foam Products Corporation provides design, engineering, and cost-effective solutions for your custom manufactured insulation and packaging needs.

Our Pledge

  • To Our Customers

    A commitment to service excellence through listening, learning and responding to their needs, while demonstrating a persistence to implement innovative systems and provide a wide selection of products.
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    To provide a pleasant and positive work environment where individual effort, combined with teamwork and commitment to Foam Products Corporation, is rewarded through professional and personal development.
  • To Our Suppliers

    An ongoing effort to meet their commitment to Foam Products Corporation through the implementation of effective programs and strategies which enhance our mutual position within the markets we serve.
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