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GloFoam. As a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial foam packaging and insulation, FPC is your number one choice for GLOFOAM™, our latest innovation. We specialize in foam products and have fabricated custom designs for more than 200 parks. Our manufacturing process, design, and quality is fully integrated with what you as a customer are looking for. This includes custom vinyl covered safety foam padding for ninja and extreme adventure parks, trampolines, and protection for other activities. GLOFOAM™ glows in the dark under U/V light and is an exciting way to enhance a number of activities.

GLOFOAM™ Products

Our specialty foam products are used in several different industries. This includes construction, for insulation, prototyping, and for other projects. Our capabilities include CNC routing, laminating, hot wire cutting, die cutting, and of course custom glow foam manufacturing. Feel free to contact us now to learn more about our services.

If you're interested in high-quality glow foam products for mats, padding, and other activities, reach out to FPC today to learn more about our incredible GLOFOAM™.

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