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As a foam product manufacturer serving a world range of commercial and industrial customers, we know what it takes to create, design, and test quality custom and standard foam products. For clients of all markets, Foam Products Corporation is the number one preferred choice for your manufactured insulation and packing needs.

Fabrication Like No Other

Proudly producing a product isn’t something every foam products supplier can claim. However, at Foam Products Corporation, we’re proud of our merchandise. We work hard to fabricate and distribute foam products with full capabilities to customize different cutting patterns. In many cases, your foam will need to withstand rough conditions without tearing, and you can trust our team to give you just that.

Distributing Products Unmatched by the Competition

We’re constantly improving our products by thinking outside of the box. Unlike other foam packing and insulation manufacturers, we continue to implement effective strategies that help businesses worldwide reduce a loss in heating and cooling by using our foam insulation. It’s no wonder thousands of corporations choose us for all their foam product projects.

Foam Products Partners

    We have over 60 years experience

    Low-Cost Solutions

    The custom foam product solutions fabricated by Foam Products Corporation provide a low-cost alternative to more expensive packaging and insulation materials.

    Customer Service

    At FPC, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients through excellent customer service. Our sales and customer relations teams are friendly and personable.

    Expert Designs

    At Foam Products Corporation, we employ an experienced team of product designers to help you find the high quality foam products best suited to meet your needs.

    Trusted Distribution

    Foam Products Corporation has been a trusted distributor of quality custom foam packaging and insulation to clients in nearly every commercial and industrial industry.

    Our Products Cover Multiple Applications

    Our main applications focus on insulation and packing, although we execute various other custom applications. No matter the type of project your company is tackling, we’re the foam insulation and packing supplier that can protect your products. Regardless of how cold or warm you want your products to remain, our team works hard to provide the proper insulation you need without the traditional heavyweight factors many customers hate.

    We’re Different; We Focus on Your Needs First!

    As a low cost foam product supplier, we provide our customers with a different alternative to big, expensive corporations that don’t focus on your needs. With lightweight options, various shapes and designs, resilient foam, and long term durability, you’re sure to be satisfied. Choose Foam Products Corporation as your go-to foam packing and insulation supplier, regardless of whether you need standard or custom foam orders.

    Our Pledge to

    • To Our Customers

      A commitment to service excellence through listening, learning and responding to their needs, while demonstrating a persistence to implement innovative systems and provide a wide selection of products.

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    • To Our Clients

      An ongoing effort to meet their commitment to Foam Products Corporation through the implementation of effective programs and strategies which enhance our mutual position within the markets we serve.

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    • To Our Employees

      To provide a pleasant and positive work environment where individual effort, combined with teamwork and commitment to Foam Products Corporation, is rewarded through professional and personal development.

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    Customizing Your Foam Made Easy

    Our number one priority is to keep your assets and materials adequately packaged with our foam products supplies. But what happens when your standard fabrication isn’t what you need. As the nation’s preferred foam insulation supplier, we offer custom foam cutting that’s sure to meet your unique needs. Whether you want polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, or something entirely different, we confidently satisfy your demands.

    A wide range of foam products across the nation

    Foam Products Corporation is proud to serve customers across the nation with standard and custom foam products. Unlike other companies, you can rest assured all our foam products go through an extensive and rigorous quality assurance program. Whether you are a commercial or industrial enterprise, we can provide you with affordable solutions for packing, insulation, gyms, and more. Join our millions of satisfied customers today!

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