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      One of the first uses of Dupont Styrofoam™ was as flotation material for the U.S. Coast Guard. Over the decades, Styrofoam™ extruded polystyrene foam buoyancy billets have been used for many other applications; it is still the ideal option for piers and docks. The closed cell structure ensures good flotation and little water absorption.

    • National & International Products Available

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    Product Overview

    Dupont Company Styrofoam™

    Foam Products Corporation offers Dupont buoyancy billets for use on floating structures such as docks, rafts, and boathouses. There are many advantages to using Styrofoam™ flotation billets for your floating structure. These highly durable polystyrene foam buoyancy billets stay afloat even when punctured and are unaffected by salt or freshwater, meaning they won’t be easily waterlogged, rusted, or corroded.

    Buoyancy Billets for Your Business

    We proudly fabricate custom polystyrene foam buoyancy billets using top grade Styrofoam™ brand extruded polystyrene. Dupont buoyancy billets can be manufactured in large blocks, then cut and sized to your specifications. Thanks to its resistance to the elements, you can count on it lasting in the water for years to come.

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