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If you're looking for a nice piece of foam to display fragile items, whether for marketing purposes or otherwise, our display foam products could be just what you're looking for. Foam Product Corporation manufactures lightweight, resilient foam materials that are perfect for displays while also saving you on cost. If you have questions regarding our display foam products, contact our team — we will be highly responsive and eager to serve every potential customer.
Material: Specialty Foam
National & International Products Available

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Display Foam Applications


Construction Foam

At Foam Products Corporation, we manufacture products for construction applications from a variety of durable foam...

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Laminated Foam Panels

Foam Products Corporation fabricates, produces, and manufactures high quality foam cores for laminated foam panel...

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Tapered Roofing Foam Insulation

Foam Products Corporation can fabricate foam insulation for your tapered roofing project expertly. Our high quality...

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Geofoam Fill Material

Geofoam is a lightweight foam fill material used in geotechnical applications. At Foam Products Corporation, our EPS...

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Cushion Packaging Foam

One of the most common uses for foam, especially for people who don't work in construction, is foam packaging. Cushion...

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Foam Insulated Refrigeration Panels

Foam Products Corporation manufactures high quality foam insulation panels for refrigeration. Panels insulated using...

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Gasket Foam

Foam gaskets are critical for the automotive industry, both commercial and industrial. Gasketing plays an essential...

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Filtration Foam

Foam Products Corporation has the capabilities to design and manufacture reticulated polyurethane foam for your...

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Foam Gymnastic Pads

Foam Products Corporation manufactures high quality gymnastic mat foam cores to meet a variety of gymnastic needs. We...

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Foam Rolled Goods

Foam Products Corporation manufactures high quality foam rolled goods for a variety of applications. We can fabricate...

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Foam Extruded Buoyancy Billets

To create a safely floating structure for your project, you’ll need skilled fabrication to create a custom foam...

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Product Overview

Cost Effective Custom Foam Marketing Displays 

At Foam Productions Corporation, we have the machinery, design software, and experience to create custom display shapes out of high quality foam. Whether you have a display shape design in mind or you would like our expert designers to help with the design, we can create the custom marketing display props you need for your trade show, promotional event, or store display. 

Custom Make Your Foam Displays

Using foam display products from Foam Products Corporation can help you promote your business or event while saving money on expensive marketing props. All of the custom foam displays from FPC are lightweight yet durable, using only the highest quality foam materials to fabricate foam marketing displays to meet the needs of your project or event. When finished, your custom foam display props will be ready to install.

Foam Products is a Proud Partner With Sky Zone

Sky Zone is an industry leader of the indoor trampoline parks. We provide foam cushioning for the trampolines and the many attractions at the parks.  We ship to locations throughout the United States, and parks worldwide: Canada, Australia, Colombia, Guam, Guatemala, India, Kuwait, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and UAW. 

A Wide Range of Foam Products You Can Count On

Foam Products Corporation is proud to serve customers across the nation with standard and custom foam products. Unlike other companies, you can rest assured all our foam products go through an extensive and rigorous quality assurance program. Whether you are a commercial or industrial enterprise, we can provide you with affordable solutions for packing, insulation, gyms, and more. Join our millions of satisfied customers today!

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