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      Foam has many uses in construction, but one use often overlooked more than the others is Geofoam. Geofoam is lightweight filler foam and is a dependable variable to use in your projects. As a lightweight foam fill material, Geofoam is used in geotechnical applications. As opposed to other materials that could accomplish the same goal, Geofoam products are customizable and more reliable.

    • National & International Products Available

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    Geofoam Applications

    • Geofoam Fill Material

      Geofoam is used in geotechnical applications. As a lightweight foam fill material, it is v…

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    Product Overview

    Lightweight Foam Fill Material

    At Foam Products Corporation, our EPS Geofoam is engineered to give you the greatest possible control over your project application. We can customize the design and timeline of your Geofoam lightweight fill material, as well as the exact specifications of materials used. This allows you complete control of your Geofoam materials cost, and ultimately, control over the results of your geotechnical project.

    Geotechnical Foam Fill Material

    Foam Products Corporation can manufacture Geofoam fill materials to meet your specifications from various types of foam and densities. The major advantage in the use of Geofoam fill material is its predictable behavior. Traditional earth fill materials are susceptible to instability and settlement. You won't encounter these issues with Geofoam lightweight fill material.

    Geofoam Products

    As with all applications, there are some Geofoam products that go best with geotechnical projects. As with all of our foam products, we don't know which ones would be best for your application until we know the specific type of project you have. If you need help determining which products your project needs, contact our helpful suppliers.

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