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Laminated Foam Panels in Wisconsin: Extruded Polystyrene, Styrofoam™ & Rigid Urethane Laminated Foam Cores & Panels

Foam Products Corporation is a leading distributor of laminated foam panels in Wisconsin. Companies such as construction, furniture, and advertising have benefited from our quality services. We create our foam cores in different forms and thickness levels, letting you pick the desired one for each purpose. As a construction company looking to laminate your materials to avoid water damage, our high quality laminated panels are extremely beneficial. Our team is always ready to listen to the exact specifications you need for your projects, bringing customized options you won’t find anywhere else.

First Rate Laminated Foam Panels Available for Wisconsin Businesses

Foam lamination combines two materials to work as one. Our Wisconsin customers can experience the best combination of materials with our laminated foam panels. Whether you’re an advertising company looking to encase your products in our laminated foam panels or something else entirely, our Wisconsin services allow you to enjoy the insulation and flexibility of our foam.

Benefits Of Foam Panel Lamination In Wisconsin

Foam panel laminating is becoming a popular technique for protecting various products in Wisconsin due to the water resistance our laminated panels provide. Besides the water resisting nature, our foam panel laminating also ensures that the materials that have bonded with the foam are anti corrosion. This has high durability, making our panels easy to withstand large amounts of damage while protecting your investment. Consider our benefits and apply our foam panel laminating in your Wisconsin business applications today.

Buy Quality Extruded Polystyrene Foam Cores from Our Wisconsin Team

At Foam Products Corporation, we manufacture quality extruded polystyrene foam cores for insulation applications in Wisconsin. Extruded polystyrene foam cores are considered ideal insulation materials because they resist heat transfer more than other construction boards. They're detrimental in refrigeration, wall insulation, and ceiling insulation. If you combine them with other construction materials, their durability and insulation will ensure that your Wisconsin property stays safe from uncomfortable temperatures and any physical damage.

A wide range of foam products in Wisconsin

Foam Products Corporation is proud to serve customers in Wisconsin with standard and custom foam products. Unlike other companies, you can rest assured all our foam products go through an extensive and rigorous quality assurance program. Whether you are a commercial or industrial enterprise, we can provide you with affordable solutions for packing, insulation, gyms, and more. Join our millions of satisfied customers today!

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